donderdag 8 september 2016

Eindelijk ! De nieuwe zonne-oven van Nuno is op komst !

After achieving the highest marks with the Sun Cook, SunOK is now presenting the brand new Suntaste, the ultimate solar oven. This innovative cooker is one of the most sustainable products in the market, having got an honorable mention by the jury of an European Ecodesign contest. It only uses solar energy, ergonomic considerations shaped its conception from the very beginning and 98% of its content are recyclable materials. It even contributes to carbon sequestration through the intensive use of cork, a plant tissue that is extracted without harming the trees. Cork has outstanding attributes that no technology has been able to match or exceed. In the Suntaste we benefit from its thermal insulation, good structural characteristics, shock absorption capacity and also its elasticity. All this contributes to a product that ads style, convenience and user-friendliness to the characteristics that made the Sun cook appealing to the more than 5000 demanding users that have adopted it worldwide: · The tasty and juicy food that results from the moderate and homogeneous temperatures; · The fact that it never burns the food, freeing people from minding the ongoing cooking; · The economy of a free energy source while keeping the heat out of the kitchen in Summer; · The safety and cleanliness of having no flames, no electricity nor fuel, and no ashes. We invite you to have look at our marketing materials by using the following link: So, should you wish to know more, or indicate someone who might be interested on this, please feel free to contact us at any time through e-mail (, or phone (+351 915 400 095). Best regards, Nuno Oliveira Martins Founder & CEO

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